• Resources that would let you help people that are having difficulty making your mortgage payment?
    • Find safety tips relating to asbestos, mold, radon, and more.
    • Help for Homeowners Facing the Loss of Their Home
    • You can help solve Education Issues for Parents
    • Share tips for a Healthy Pregnancy or even  Popular Baby Names
    • Give tips for dealing with postpartum depression, drug and alcohol abuse
    • Give away (or sell) reports (already done for you) about starting a business or self-employed women start-ups.
    • Science
    • Technology
    • Home Schooling resources
    • Recreation
    • Travel
    • History
    • Genealogy
    • Maps
    • Recipes
    • Recalls on an enormous amount of products
    • It’s endless!!

What I Didn’t Add

    • I didn’t add a lot of fluffy – “this is what you can do with the content” stuff.
    • I didn’t  add in a bunch of “government guides”.
    • I didn’t make any video showing you what’s on all the government sites.

You don’t need me to add all the “fluffy” stuff so that I can charge you more.  We are all in this together!

    • You can download all those guides right off the government websites yourself.
    • Once you get on these websites – you don’t really need me to teach you how to “surf around”.

I did add screen captures of (most) the government public domain sites. I wanted you to be able to “easily and quickly” see what each site might have to offer before you spent a bunch of time on sites you don’t need.

I also highlighted exactly the public domain content I thought you should check out first. The government is spending lot’s of money adding new things every day… on over 100 websites.

I found several new government sites that I think are important for you to know about.

This is not a guide… It’s research done for you!

Material produced by the U.S. Federal Government is in the public domain. This includes all material produced by a U.S. Government employee or officer during the course of performing their duties.

You Can Use This Government Public Domain Content Even If You Live Somewhere Other Than The U.S.!

Every day… thousands of Federal Government workers toil away creating and compiling information.

You might even be one of those that work for Uncle Sam creating some of the best content available on the internet. The government produces mountains of printed material every year and they pay full time writers to create this stuff for the public.

Some of the greatest educational material in the world is produced by the U.S. government and most of it is free for the taking (because it’s public domain) with a few exceptions to be aware of…

Yes – even the Government will have some control of the content you can use. Not much – I’d say about 98% of all the content is free for you to use anyway you want.

I show you exactly what to watch out for… it’s easy.

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